Testing the Waters...

In another platform...

My goal is to improve my future brand. There's this voice inside of me that says "I'm gonna be great!"


See you there!

Travel Tuesday: Move, Learn and Eat

 Travel inspiration that'll surely invigorate your senses. Enjoy!

Travel Tuesday: Travel Quiz

I travel like Amelia Earhart !
Amelia Earhart
You are a controversial wanderer who might have a tendency to get lost. Your friends have great respect for you, as long as you don't forget which way is up.
What type of traveler are you?
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Sometimes, especially if its my first time. But I don't own an airplane!? LOL

Picture Perfect...Not!

Credit to the owner of this photo.

Some pictures in social media are very misleading. Not everything is what they seem...

On Wearing High Heels...


Thus the lack of high heels in my shoe line-up. Comfort is my priority now...

Story of my ageing life.  *ROFL*

How about you? How's your high heel wearing experience nowadays?
Shoot me some comments...