Serendipity 3

Serendipity 3 is a renowned celebrity favorite thanks to its famous original New York City location, whimsical desserts and frequent appearances in film. Begin with its famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate drink that blends 20 different kinds of chocolate into an icy cocoa concoction. Indulge in unique takes on classic dishes like the colossal dinosaur-sized BBQ Ribs, Monster Meatballs and Spaghetti and hundreds of other items.  -- Source                        
With an old-fashioned ice cream parlor d├ęcor, Serendipity 3's setting is colorfully appealing to both adults and youths. Expect the pleasantly unexpected at this casual, quirky dining and drinking destination located just off the Las Vegas Strip near Caesars Palace's front fountains. --SOURCE

Me and my sisters-in-law waiting in queue.
Interiors transcends a colorful ambiance that appeals to adult and children. The vibe is still comfortable which makes this place perfect for meet-ups and get-together with friends or families (if the place is not packed). Make sure you come here at off-peak hours to avoid a long queue.


We came there for dessert. While waiting for our order, I was pa-simple looking at other customers table. Servings are HUGE. But, I was still surprised to see what Serendipity has in-store for us.
The Best Red Velvet Cake. Moist, not too sweet (for my taste) and creamy. Delicious!

It's delicious as well but, the serving was overwhelming I felt full right away. I think 1/4 of the serving will do for me the next time. Better yet, share it with someone.
Fried Oreo...Sinfully good!
This chocolate-y drink looks innocent at first but, wait till the alcohol runs straight into throat...
More alcohol-based desserts for adults!
Whoa! We finished everything! 
The next time that I'm here, I'll definitely try their other desserts and classic dishes.
Customer-service: OK. 
Cleanliness: OK. 
Price Range: $$-$$$ 
Crowd control: Pleasant


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