In-n-Out Burger

I leave Vegas for the meantime. 
As we were leaving, I noticed that The Luxor is a little isolated from everybody. Next time I should try riding the Monorail
I'll see you soon JBWKZ
Thereafter, all I see is this...SUN and SAND.
Upon arriving in Barstow, I finally had the chance to eat In-N-Out Burger! Yipeeee!!!!! (And to think, that this burger joint is just a 5-10 minutes walk from our house >.< )

The staff  especially their  "caps" reminds me of Good Burger. Hehehehe 
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I've been hearing a lot about this burger. I have friends who had tried it here in California and a successful pop-up in Singapore. With a positive feedback, how can I not be jittery the moment I stepped inside the store.
The fries are great! Deep-fried to perfection.
We had the Double-Double burger.
There's something about the juiciness of the burger. That complements the cheese and the rest of the toppings. According to Jaina, for her it has something to do with "THE SAUCE."

I was in a food coma for the rest of the trip. I'm sooooooooooo Hhhhhhaaaaaappppyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

The second time I ate there, I brought along my brother Peng (who was visiting at the time). For him it was just OK. Meaning: "Above average. Fries in Shake Shack are way better." Well that's his opinion. It stirred a curiosity about Shake Shack and the yearning of visiting New York City soon. 

For now, I'll enjoy my In-n-Outs.



  1. I really want to try an In-N-Out burger! Sounds delicious. One day!!
    : ) Heather

    1. It's delish! You've got to try this if you're in California (its only available here)...