Shout-Out To My Followers

I just want to acknowledge my circles from Google+ and Bloglovin'.

I appreciate you guys following me. Knowing that, you actually read my blog is a huge honor. If I haven't followed you back please forgive me, you can give me a gentle reminder by sending me a message. 

I can never pull-off an OOTD post and make-up/nails reviews or tutorials. For the beauty and fashion mavens who follows me on Bloglovin' I salute your passion and dedication. I don't know how you ended up on my blog but I thank you for dropping by.

See you around...


Missy Busy


I'm busy with work nowadays. I'll try my best to update the blog using my iPad. I recently started using this as a compact alternative for a PC desktop while away from home. I'm still taking photos but not as much. I'm still on the "thinking" phase of my art/craft blog. I'm hoping that I could start it soon.

I find myself again at a phase that I-want-to-start-something-new-but-I-need-money-to-get-it-over-with. Then I start work and I find myself tired and exhausted. My motivation slowly goes down the drain. Nevertheless, I will persist to reach my goals, I'm not going to let exhaustion stop me. 

Continue planning and execute once ready!

Keeping my hopes high...