Duxton Road

In one of my photowalks for the Mid- Autumn Festival in Singapore 2012, I encountered Duxton Road in Tanjong Pagar. It's one hidden gem for dining that I wasn't able to experience at all. It's either I was too busy to remember or too stingy to give in. Pfft! So here I am checking my old photos sour-graping.                  

Anyway, there's always a next time and I'm posting so everybody can come and see what it has offer.

There's this quaint little bookstore along the way called Littered With Books. The cozy two storey high haven makes me want to stay there the whole day and just read books!

At the time that I was there, they don't allow photo-taking. According to customers who reviewed them in yelp. Their book prices are cheaper than other bookstores that gives you reason to come back over and over. The staff are very courteous and helpful.


After exiting the store, I was doing some shots when this guy just came out of nowhere. He asked for to be photographed, quickly said thanks and walked off.


They appear to be looking for something...hhmmmm


Further into the streets are some offices
I think Clarence worked here, if my memory serves me right.

Bistros, pub, winery...I see most of the people in this side of town are yuppies. 

The former Berjaya Hotel now called The Duxton for they have changed management. I like the rustic charm of it. Who would have now a shop house can effectively be a hotel structure.


An architectural heritage
Too bad I wasn't able to come back at all. Duxton Hill has also an interesting wine and dine vibe. This place is excellent for after work hours chillaxing and hang-out.


Till next time


Music Monday: Sweater Weather

The exact description of the weather here in Chula Vista. Finally! A chance to don some sweater and boots...


OAWSP: Stamped

I used Camera 360 app for this one. Under the effects category of Art ---> Stamped--->Sweet. I just can't afford yet to get the paid apps that has wonderful painting and sketch features. 

I haven't been taking self-portraits in a while maybe because I've outgrown the "selfie" stage of my life. I want to evolve creatively (wow! mature concerns?! LOL). Right now I'm trying to learn how to do lettering and watercolor it nicely. I'm thinking on taking some knitting class and doing some crochet projects again. A lot of creative ideas has been churning in my head. I hope I can handle it gracefully. Not to mention I still have an upcoming licensure exams.


Pho "T" Cali - Clairemont Mesa

My husband has taken me to his favorite dining places. One of these is the Vietnamese restaurant Pho "T" Cali in Clairemont Mesa.

I fell in love with the place because it's very clean. The staff are very courteous. When they see a customer come inside they quickly greet and accommodate them. Not to mention the staff smiles a lot.

My husband had his usual Beef noodle soup with all the greens. The servings are humongous! We were able to share the big bowl.
Ooops he that single strand right there.
My forever favorite, Fresh Spring Rolls! I had the beef filling for that day
They have the peanut sauce instead of the fish sauce ensemble when I was in Vietnam. 

They have a variety of dishes in the menu aside from the above mentioned. The restaurant is huge but they get full during lunch and dinner time so plan accordingly.


Around San Diego

I've been here in Chula Vista for more than 2 months. If anybody asks me how's my stay, my quick reply "Love the weather!" Seriously the weather here is awesome! No wonder my husband is proud of himself for retiring here. It's fall season now. The sweater weather makes me excited of wearing jackets, boots and thermal tights.

Here's some snapshots of some of the places I've been to. San Diego is huge! It may take me a lifetime. 
In National City there's Jolibee.  There are lots of Pinoys residing here. That's why Seafood City, Red Ribbon and point-point (turo-turo) joints are everywhere.

I just want to emphasize on what is going on the side. According to Seff, the ongoing construction is one of the governments efforts to decrease traffic due to increasing population.
There's one highway that they name Filipino-American Highway. I think it's near National City. But it's not this freeway.

The Iconic Rooftop of Hotel Del Rey in Coronado Island

Breaker's Beach. The quiet and secured part of the Coronado Beach inside the Naval Base.

Hikers and cyclists paradise. The mountain range near our home.
Of course! How will I forget SHOPPING. I will post a separate entry for it. I'm with my sister-in-law Ate Marilou. She accompanied me for some good old bargain hunting.

I'm looking forward for more food trip, hiking and sight-seeing in San Diego. I'm taking my time.



While waiting for my mom-in-law to finish her doctors appointment, I read the next available magazine.

Look what I found! Check out the Top 10 Overall and Asia Category. No wonder I encounter tourists from US and Europe who have been to our country and they love it.

I can't wait to visit these places with my husband. We are rooting for El Nido, Palawan.


Cebu and Bohol

I maybe far away from home but I'm updated of what's happenening. I'm glad my lola and the rest of my relatives are OK. I hope that majority of my fellow kababayans are safe.

This is another wishful thinking of the pork barrel money that should be used for rehabilitation...

How can we help? I checked on ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya site but their latest update was from Typhoon Santi. Same thing with Kapuso Foundation

Picture :source

Music Monday: If Life Is so Short

By request of Doc Will, I give you The Moffats!

This song is my personal favorite from their album Chapter 1: A New Beginning. The guitar chords are simple, strumming the guitar is piece of cake. The instrumental has a dope "plucking" shizzle ( I forgot the opposite term for strumming).

Too bad their next album was not as popular. I think they transitioned too fast, girls during my time (including me) were like "What happened?!" Everybody was waiting for their Chapter 2. They have outgrown the fans faster than the blink of an eye.



I will forever be grateful to friends, colleagues and frequent visitors who come to read about my kababawan sa buhay. If you learn a thing or two in my blog, congratulations. For I will be in learning journey as I go on with my life. This second blog of mine is my renewed view of life...


Malacca Food Trip

If I stayed in Malacca for a few days I would have looked like Mr. Stay Puft. The food selections are varied so there are lots to try. I really want to follow the food adventure that Doc Gelo had. Time constraint was my problem. It didn't stopped me from appreciating what I stumbled upon.

Jonker Street, the most famous street  in the heritage site offers lots of food choices. It's very accessible from the Dutch Square. You can also avail souvenirs from the shops along the way. Please take note that prices here are higher.


1. Hainanese Chicken Rice - Chop Chung Wah
Upon arriving Malacca, I was really hungry, I saw a queue before entering Jonker Street. Turns out it was this famous Chicken Rice Balls.


In fairness I love the taste of their chilli. It's not that spicy.

I was disappointed to tell you frankly. It's just another Chicken Rice. It was served cold and I don't even feel the Chicken Rice taste. It's not cheap too.


2. Restoran How Kuai
Located at the far end of Jonker Street. I wasn't satisfied with the Chicken Rice, I ended up eating again.


And of course the Cendol Ice Dessert. Too bad I wasn't able to try the Nyonya Cendol. But this version will do.
I love how the Gula Melaka made this dessert "alive" in appearance and taste. The Cendol and other ingredients are at the bottom. I don't like mixing everything even with our (PHL) halo-halo and (SG) ice kachang.
3. Yogurt Ice cream - saw this from a grocery store.
I tried the Chocolate flavor! Not too sweet and doesn't melt easily.

I want to buy this but then the tindero and  tindera dinedma ako. It looks like sapin-sapin.

Surprised to see a Hard Rock Cafe in the area. Near the bridge before going to Jonker Street.

I didn't know Upin and Ipin  has a  fast-food joint. This animated series has certainly come a long way since airing in Disney Channel Asia.

Given the chance I would love to comeback...I want to try their food circle, a different spin.


Mid Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival in SG was about to finish this October 4. Too bad my eyes can't feast on the colorful decorations for this year's festival. Last year, I decided to go for a photowalk for some sensory overload of colors and lights. This is one of the perks living in Everton Park, I get to enjoy Chinatown anytime that I want.