Canyon Cove

My description of this summer vacation:


Really! I felt that I shouldn't move at all because even if the bagyo fan is directly blowing in my face. The humidity has gotten into my nerves! Even if we went to Canyon Cove (Nasugbu, Batangas) for that much needed swimming, I couldn't appreciate and enjoy that much because of the heat. Don't get me wrong, the place is nice and the staff are courteous. Pero nakakainit talaga ng ulo ang init!!!! Tapos hindi pa mahangin kaya ayun Ggggrrrrrr!

But still, I have to look on the brightside. This one of the rare moments that all of us can be together and bond though we are lacking with one family member. Good thing before noon came, the waves are more inviting and splashing. 

Mom wants to try the jet ski...

Look at me my face is usually bungisngis and pa-cute for pictures. But in this picture, it's very blank. Ang init kasi e!

My feedback to Canyon Cove, add up some lounge/beach chairs with umbrellas. Especially at the poolside. I was able to relax and look at the clear blue sky lying down on the sand. And we were on a tree shade. It'll be nice to experience lounging on most parts of the resort. 

Apps used: Frame magic, Snapseed, PS Express. Forgive me with the editing, pictures weren't coherent with the theme. Everything looks lackluster. Pfftt me...

Enjoy the rest of the summer.


Gift of Life


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Where I Stayed In Vietnam

There are lots of accommodations to choose from in Vietnam (may it be in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City). It depends on your preference. I prefer to be alone in my room with my own bathroom. It doesn't need to be grand or anything as long as it is clean and tidy. 

Ho Chi Minh City: 
I stayed at Tuan Phuong Hotel. It is located at District 1. Where it's conveniently located near the tourist spots. Almost all can be reached by walking especially the Ben Tanh Market.
Photo Courtsey of Trivago.com

The Downside: 

  1. The breakfast menu has no variety. It doesn't provide you a lot of choices. I'm just glad the hotel is near the market so I could get some fruit shakes. 
  2. I forgot to bring my universal adapter set so I inquired with the hotel if they have any. They told me they're going to buy me one for just 1 dollar. I was like...what?! Don't you guys provide at least one inside per room. I was left with no choice because I need it. 
  3. I asked them for a map because I never found any in the airport and post office ( I don't know if its my eyes or I don't use it properly). They give me a crappy one and it wasn't even in English and they charged me 1 USD for it. No way! Good thing I met some nice tourists who gave me their copy. I returned it and told the staff point blank, not to charge me. Kainez Veneracion talaga! 
  4. I don't like that I need to leave my passport in the front desk. In my other travels, they just ask for a photocopy of the credit card and passport. I don't know if it applies with all the hotels in HCMC (I overheard one tour mate complaining that his credit card was declined and the hotel won't give his passport unless he pays them with another CC or by cash). Because in Hanoi they never collected my passport at all.
The staff are nice they are just the hi/bye type. For them customers are customers they come, stay, pay and go. Although the room and toilet are clean, I won't be booking with them when I come back.

Rating: 2.5/5


Hanoi Guesthouse was recommended by Clarence. And I'm glad that I listened to him. I really felt I was in somebody else's house where everything is cozy and warm from the place itself  and with the staff. It exceeded my expectations, really!

I sent them an e-mailed about my booking. They were able to accommodate me even if they're fully booked on the said dates (I didn't even know how they managed to give me a room). They helped me with my bags the moment I stepped out of the taxi. The staff are always smiling. The hotel may be small but its clean. Breakfast has lots of variety. I love it! They gave me a map and showed me how to navigate the area. They also arrange tours of your choice. The female staff are very chatty and sweet. They even offered to accompany me to the Night Market.  

The Downside:

  1. The Wi-fi connection is weak inside my room. I need to go down the lobby where the signal is stronger.
  2. I don't know if it's me or there's something wrong with the heater. It will be either too hot or too cold. I just forgot to mention this to the front desk because I was able to manage anyway.
These downsides can be solved so it's not a big deal. I will definitely come back and stay here again. Hopefully together with my husband the next time around.

Rating: 4/5

H&M For Sustainable Fashion

I love it! This collection is perfect for the prom season (even if it's over hehehe)