4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Eating in 4 Fingers Chicken is another sissy Cha's "Happiest day of my Life" moment. Well, I can't blame her this Korean-recipe is delicious! I also adore the chicken size and servings. Another discovery via my ina-idol blogger Chuvaness.

Level-up with their queue chips.
The most accessible store that they have is at ION Orchard. I think their recipe has something to do with glaze that they apply after frying the chicken. They look mabenta. They've expanded their ION branch and there are more available seats.

Cool light installations

Chicken wrap-ish/sandwich-y type....nah try it and check out their menu it's delicious. Then stalk them afterwards

4 fingers is a whole lot different from Bonchon Chicken. That I have yet to try...


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