Music Monday: Because of You

Whatever happened to Ne Yo? Is he more inclined with song writing now? Though I know he's good at it but I miss his voice.



A simple smile could mean a lot to somebody. 

I get lots of feedback from friends, family, clients or strangers about my smile. I remember in High School, I was teased a lot because I have a thick upper lip and upper teeth over bite that makes my gums visible when I smile. My classmates joked, I look like a dinosaur. Others tell me, I have a "killer" smile. Looking back, natatawa na lang ako. I practiced how to control my smile and applying lipstick also did the trick. I still do my bungisngis smile once in a while, especially when I can't control it. 

Read the story below, I got this from 9gag. Once in your life, you might have brighten up someone else's gloomy day. 

Smile! It's free anyway.  


Late post.

Before I start, I want to greet my Indian friends and colleagues a Happy Thaipusam Festival. I was Orchard Road today and saw a lot of people in Dhoby Gaut. This is the second time that I experienced Thaipusam Festival from inside bus 190. I just admire their faith. I think pain is nothing when you devote your life to God.

So off with my late post...Super late if I may add.

It was my  first to experience Deepavali. Ate Brenda, our host, welcomed us with open arms. She treated us like family that made it more awesome. According to Ate Brenda Deepavali / Diwali is the Festival of Lights. 


Sorry tao lang...Mahirap pag sikat...If I may add from Ms. Chuvaness' opening remark.

I've read from Chuvaness' blogpost about Ricky Lo's interview with Anne Hathaway. iCringe and facepalmed several times. I've seen and watched (but never able to finish) interviews done by Ricky Lo because it's just plain boring REALLY! I find it humiliating for him as he was verbally bitched-slapped by the former princess from Genovia.

I just wish Philippine Star didn't show it all. He didn't give much thought on his questions. He also looks nervous because he keeps on stuttering. I think it was just OK to mention about Lea Salonga but the interview has somehow led to indirectly comparing the two. And the SMS part, I hope it was shown off cam though I think Hathaway was sincere on being thankful from receiving a compliment from Lea Salonga. After that, I think it went downhill from there that her to refuse answering some questions. Idinaan na lang ni Ricky Lo sa pagtawa because I think he can already feel the tension. Naawa din ako sa kanya wala namang gustong mapahiya ng ganon. 

From Anne Hathaway's part, I thought her handlers should've primed interviewers on what questions are allowed or maybe check them. She smiled during the interview but she just snapped at the last part...Tsk tsk good thing a smile can do some damage-control.

I don't think this has something to do with Lo's accent. Hello!!! All of us has accents! Most of the time foreigners understands kahit English carabao. They won't mind it all. Tayo lang naman ang may issue pagdating sa pagsasalita ng Ingles. 

I recommend that this kind of interview should also be given to the younger generation of hosts or writers(?) and hopefully veer away from Pinoy showbiz question. And this doesn't exempt Raymond Gutierrez. Ok na sana but he asked Adam Levine a cringe-worthy question at unang-una pa! I just hope hindi na maulit.

I just hope this won't happen again. I need to blog this because I can't get it off my head. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken

Eating in 4 Fingers Chicken is another sissy Cha's "Happiest day of my Life" moment. Well, I can't blame her this Korean-recipe is delicious! I also adore the chicken size and servings. Another discovery via my ina-idol blogger Chuvaness.

Level-up with their queue chips.
The most accessible store that they have is at ION Orchard. I think their recipe has something to do with glaze that they apply after frying the chicken. They look mabenta. They've expanded their ION branch and there are more available seats.

Cool light installations

Chicken wrap-ish/sandwich-y type....nah try it and check out their menu it's delicious. Then stalk them afterwards

4 fingers is a whole lot different from Bonchon Chicken. That I have yet to try...


Zatchels VS. Cambridge Satchel Company et. al.

Old school = Cool School

I first saw the old school Satchels (The Cambridge Satchel Company) from my fave blogger Ms. Chuvaness. I love its neat and preppy finish. But the feature that I hate is the closure. You really have to painstakingly open and close the belt-like snaps. Aargghh FUSSY! It's a NO for me due to the price range and bag closures. It was only available by shipping from UK so it was easy to let go.

Then I come to SG and encountered these beauties again. At Tang's Vivo City, they have the Zatchels. The look and feel are very much the same with CSC but they have more variety (speaking in terms of design and structure). A little cheaper than CSC. The sales person is Pinoy, muntik na akong bumili, maganda ang sales talk niya lalo na kapag nakakapag-Tagalog hehehe. If it wasn't for those fussy closures I could have bought one right away.


The other time I visited the newly renovated Tang's Orchard. On the 3rd or 4th floor (I think) they have the iconic CSC. For me it has a cleaner and more polished finish. If not for those fussy closure, I could have got ten one too...aarrghh!

The Cambridge Satchel Company

I've tried looking for alternatives (aka cheaper versions) or so I thought. Like the Comme de Garcon X Cambridge Satchel Company collab. I even went to the Hilton CDG at Orchard road, but was already sold-out. It costs SGD 450. It has magnetic snap closure and it serves as a shoulder bag.

For Filipino made Satchels, we have the School of Satchels who are finalists at the Multiply Origination Awards for Best Fashion Forward Idea. They utilize leather from our country and craftmanship is not bad. I have an acquiantance who purchased from them, she loves it. The reviews are good so it's worth a try.

Then I saw the Kate Spade Satchels. It comes in with magnetic snaps and its Mahalia Jackson than the rest (SGD 600++).

Kate Spade at Takashimaya

The Verdict: Not my priority for now. Maybe next time. Mahalia Jackson talaga!



Gastronomia di Paolo

Cupcakes to go...

I'm a fan of their desserts, cheesecakes are not that sweet same goes with their cupcakes. I have yet to try their pasta and pizzas. Price range is reasonable, especially when the one prepping the meals is the chef. (It maybe a deli cafe but they take gourmet food seriously).

Wordless Wednesday - 12

Everton Bubble Tea Point

Bubble tea stores are present everywhere in SG. It's a national craze that could turn into a pop culture and will be in circulation for sometime. There's different kind of brands (Koi being the most famous one, check out the queue!), strategic locations and gimmicks. But there is bubble tea that is very accessible to me and that is EBTP (Everton Bubble Tea Point)! I just need to go downstairs. Yey! Lucky me. It's cheaper than the others.

It was early in the morning. They are still closed.