Pinoy Travel Bloggers

Serves as my guide and first-hand source of reviews for a certain this and that of a place.
  1. Ambot-Ah - DIY and Backpacking trips all over the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
  2. The Poor Traveler - As I always say, I’d rather have misadventures than have “missed adventures.” I am the Poor Traveler. I make mistakes. You learn. - as quoted from the website.
  3. Our Awesome Planet - The Foodie Traveler.
  4. Chuvaness - The Shopping Traveler. 
  5. Patty Laurel - I adore her tips on how to save for a travel, insights and do's and don'ts when traveling. Check out her Travel Tuesday entries.
  6. DocGelo- Family, Food, Fun...The mantra of Doc Gelo's award winning blog.

The Hiatus is Over

I had fun for the last two weeks. My trip overseas had some irritating and physically tiring moments but I'm still happy. I went to a place that I've been wishing for ever since I was a kid. Will post about it soon.