Love is Messy


For Garrett Popcorn that is...

Me and my sibs love this popcorn. I share the same sentiments with sister KC when she has written this in her blog. I first discovered this popcorn during our day trip in Sentosa island outside the newly opened Universal Studios. Since then, I never turned back, the best popcorn that I've ever tasted!


But eversince I've started dieting, I've wished that they could sell it in a smaller bag just enough to satisfy my cravings. It came true a few days ago when I saw that they have this petite bag that sells for $2 but this doesn't include the Plain/Buttery variety. I asked the salesperson whether it's a promo or a forever thing. She said it's a promotion. Not sure until when and not available in all outlets.

From Suntec to Bugis

I was finishing the filling up my first ever balikbayan box, I went to Suntec to scour RSH for Ipanema slippers (Note: Prices go as low as $5 for an Ipanema, especially on their last day of sale but I wasn't able to come. I'm not even sure if they lowered it down to $5). Unfortuantely, my relatives' feet sizes are small from the available sizes (9 and 10). I stuck to the plan of going to Bugis if I come out empty handed. I  decided to walk since it was just a few meters away.

I'm familiar with the place because my wedding venue is within the vicinity. I decided to stop by Subway for a quick bite. I was surprised that Subway is conjoined with a coffee shop. So far, its the biggest subway joint that I have ever been to.

The place inside is very spacious.
I'm not adventurous to try coffee on that day. Though the siphoned coffee sounds interesting.  I'm not sure if its connected to Oromo Coffee Company with a very good cause for making coffee. 
My usual $5 dollar combo: Cold Cut Trio

Why the face bebeh?!
After my meal, off I go to Bugis passing through Hotel Intercontinental. I noticed there's a newly opened store (I think?!) that sells asymmetrical designed clothes (meaning: weird and unique looking but looks awesome when I wear it hehehe). I wasn't able to get the shop's exact name. All I see is the Japanese character in the hangers.

I will definitely go back and check out their while merchandise. They also sell accessories and handbags.

I go to Bugis Street for the chocolates. I buy them at this store behind Bugis Street beside the durian stand. The store is somewhat like Valu$ in Toa Payoh. The products are mostly cheap especially if you're going to compare it with Choc-Spot in Lucky Plaza. But be very careful to check the expiration date of the food. I haven't encountered anything expired. I have been buying my pasalubong there ever since.

As of this writing, my box is on it's way to PHL. I just hope and pray that nothing bad happens to it. 

Food, Coffee, Movie

Chedz, Kem, Vic, Erm
I was given the chance to have a longer days off from work. Unwinding is an open option. I preferred to spend it with friends this time. 

First off, to check out what is in store for island invasion of Gerry's Grill.
Located @ 51 Cuppage Road Singapore 229469...It's quite difficult to find just take note from Og in Orchard Road go inside the street where you can see the Cuppage Terraces. Walk straight ahead then you can see the Starhub Centre facing Holiday Inn. You can see it quickly because it's just outside the entrance of the building.
The menu is not similar to what we have in Manila. The best, from what we've eaten was the Grilled Squid (sotong). It's juicy and easy to mechanically digest.  The price is also affordable and reasonable. 
We are really hungry. No food shots for now.
For me and Ate Erm's case, after our food trip we went to watch a movie. Something to break the spell of her movie-watching-in-the-cinema-drought. Thus the movie review of how hot is Colin Farrell  of Total Recall. 

Then another coffee date for me, Chedz and Kem.
I know that this is some gasgas na kapehan for some. I just took a picture because I'm amazed on how this coffee shop tends to appear in some unexpected location.
This shop is located beside a mall in level with its basement floor. I just hope I was able to take a pic of the whole thing. i find it amazing. Wait till I visit again the bridge near the Merlion. I swear there's a SB located under the bridge! 

For some vietnamese treats. I was with my photo buddy Vic to bond and talk about photography in my not-even-near-an-amateur-knowledge and his lumelevel-na-knowledge. He asked me why Vietnamese food. Just a craving (and my anticipated visit in that country- in my head). I showed him my wedding photos afterwards.
The Orange Lantern @ Harbourfront Centre

Thanks for the time guys :)

Apps used: Picstitch and 100 in 1 camera. the rest are raw pics from iPhone 4s

OMG They're Here!

My favorite Royal couple, got my wedding inspiration from their wedding, fashion inspiration of princess and everything in between...

How I wish I could meet them in person in a non-fangirl way...

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Total Recall

The remake of the 90's movie of the Governator. I wasn't really able to see the original but I remember my friend Chit telling us something about a woman with three breast that was not shown in the TV telecast. It looks like, this is where it came from. Though I'm not really sure about its relevance in the movie. 

The movie is just BLAND. Though the robots, special effects, futuristic set-up are all OK thanks to Hollywood technology that all that it has. Even the fight scenes and car chase are plain boring. 

For the actors, I just have to say Colin Farrell is HOT! I thought he's a goner and I never thought he could act helpless and vulnerable. And with all that shave beard, I just really want to look at him. Because most of the time I see him as a villain or a tough antagonist. Kate Beckinsale can kick ass. I just love her cat fight with Jessica Biel. 

I'm just wandering how come Kate's character wants to Colin when she was ordered to bring him alive to the BOSS. The Colony looks like a combination of some Asian cities. I'm just wondering how come Asia is still viewed as to what was shown in the movie?

Rating: 3/5

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Music Monday: I Thought OPM Was Dead

I was wrong! And now I'm an idiot...Read it here.

I was immersed too much from mainstream madness, I didn't know OPM is staring right back at me. I'm hypercritical maybe because I don't see anything new. I haven't been watching MYX for a while and MTV Philippines vamoosed eons ago. And I don't listen to the radio anymore because I just stopped.
The article sums on what is really happening and how to keep OPM alive than ever.