Fine Dining - Short Film

I'm doing some short film round-up for the past few days. I'm hooked really. I remember John Red being interviewed in 5 and up about short films, pretty interesting shiz if you ask me. He mentioned something about a film that only lasted for 3 seconds. I find it weird but cool for my 6/7 year old brain. 

The film is very heartwarming. I smiled and cried at the same time. I felt the love that this movie wants to transcend.

Filipino filmmaker Lance Katigbak, 18, won the People’s Choice award at the recent Manhattan International Film Festival in New York. His short film, Fine Dining, bested 14 entries from the United States, United Kingdom, India, Belgium, Rwanda, among other countries.

With a Piece Of Chalk - A Short Film

I'm always amazed on how a story can be created and presented beautifully in less than 4 minutes. What impresses me the most, is the use of dancing as the film's highlight. Brings out the frustrated dancer in me. 

Music Monday: Genie In A Bottle

She has the VOICE: soulful and powerful. That sets her apart from Britney.

Sales Galore

Any sale especially if its 50-70% off is really blog-worthy.

I experience pupil dilatation and frothing of the mouth every time I see these sign. Ok fine, I'm exaggerating. It is in everyone's knowledge that many things here in SG are expensive. But if it goes on SALE consider it a giveaway. You have to watch out for the WAREHOUSE CLEARANCE SALES that's where the bargain happening is at. I usually get my infos from singapore-promotions.com for upcoming sales and deals.

The past few weeks "The Great Singapore Sale" (a.k.a. End of Season Clearance time of the year) has kept me busy and left no mercy for my wallet.

When I was in the PHL, I don't dare to go inside this store much often because of  the killer price tags. I've never thought that one day I could now shop at this store. And much better if its on sale. The sizes here suits the plus-size (like me) because of the variety of the choices. Take note: I can fit in a small to medium size in this store. Most of their style is classic the type of clothes that you could keep for a long time.
Dorothy Perkins: Again, for the variety of sizes available. They have casual, work and semi-formal attires to choose from.  Pull and Bear: All I want are the male shirt. They're comfortable and has this creative designs that I like.

Up next is the sale from SASA. Its almost like Watsons but without the drugstore. Going through it's sale items is like a candyshop treat for me. 
OPI nail polish and Palmer's mini bottles of lotions

Lots of ELF make-up!!!!

A whole lot more of make-up goodness!

Office and School materials. Makes me want to go back to school and learn how to draw.

My advise, it doesn't mean that a certain thing is cheap you have to buy everything. Make sure you really use it and these things will be utilized for a long time. Buy wisely. I learned this lesson the hard way. 

Enjoy Shopping 



The animated movie adaptation of Rapunzel brought to you by Disney Films. It may be the typical once-upon-a-time and they-lived-happily-ever-after story but, the twists made the difference. The strength of the movie are the lessons it conveys I could very well relate to.

The best and sweetest moment for me is the lighting of the sky lanterns.
Finally, Rapunzel fulfilling her dream of seeing the sky lanterns up close.
Beautiful...I hope I could see the Loy Krathong Festival in Thailand.

He really is a pretty boy...*Le sigh

uuyyy moment
  • Make your dreams happen. Though you might need the help of others along the way, the first step should always be initiated by you.
  • Don't be afraid to dream. No such thing as a big or small dream.
  • Give thanks to those who helped you along the way.
  • Escape your comfort zone and explore the world. Possibilities are endless when the world is your playground.
  • You learn from your mistakes. It makes you stronger, smarter and be a bit of a fighter. 
  • GIRLS, learn how to do self-defense. Seriously! In these tough and trying times a girl has to know how to defend oneself. 

Over-all the movie is fun and entertaining. I have to give kudos to  Pascal, Max and the Thugs. They are too cute for words.

Pascal the Chameleon


Pub Thugs

Rating: 4/5
It's nice to watch over and over again.


Photo Credits: Disney Pictures

Me! A Writer?!

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Hack.PH to be a web content writer. They are offering their site as a launch pad for my blog (meaning more readers/visitors thus an increased audience share). I feel honored, never in my life would someone offer me a writing job. Frankly speaking, my writing skills sucks. I could still remember taking up some writing workshop when I was in college. Though I became a writer for the school paper in my previous schools, it was derived to the school's regulations, theme, news etc. Then it has to be edited by my editors and adviser. Final approval comes from the principal.   On my first IELTS exam I failed to get a good grade for writing. With blogging, I write on my own pace, informality makes me comfortable and improve my English writing. I'm really surprised...seriously.

Second was the topic/subject. I'm no expert nor even near knowledgeable about information technology, internet security etc. I know my limitations and it's not my forte. I have to say no but, I will be forever grateful for asking me.

Mind you I remember telling my college friends that I want to join and win a Palanca. Well, I'm still open to the idea.

For those interested to be a web content writer, send an e-mail to Jennifer Mendoza on support@hack.ph.


The Expendables 2

Action packed, blood splattering, testosterone induced, brawn, guns, hard-core gym muscles and punchlines all packed into a dream team of action stars. I've grown up knowing some of the guys because Dad is an action film fan may it be Pinoy, Chinese or American. Up until now actually, I remember getting him an external memory disk. He asked my sissies to fill it up with his favorite action movies. Teehee ;) Actually the above shown team are lacking with a Steven Segal and Jackie Chan.

My initial thoughts when the movie was starting, "Gahd I wasted $11.50 for some noise pollution of guns." Turns out, it's just the icing of the cake. I found myself laughing at their 'moments' and soft side. I also found myself flinching and shouting (which 65% of the watchers does) due to blood splatter from multiple gunshots and fight scenes. Take note, I'm entertained meaning I was able to laugh at the 'punchlines' even if 75% of Stallone's face has no evidence of twitching or contraction. Story-wise not as complex as it seems to be. I wasn't able to watch the first so I'm not sure if there's any connection/significance from the first movie to this prequel. 

 All of them has their moment:
  1. Stallone- Barney Ross is the leader of the gang. He's a leader with a heart. Really! Don't let his looks, skulls and physique intimidate you. He's the foundation of this expendables without him they're nothing. He's a great example of a leader.
  2. Statham- In his oozing maleness and appeal his weakness: a WOMAN. His on-screen girlfriend.
  3. Schwarzenegger- Is this his comeback movie? Swabeng panggulo.
  4. Norris- Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris. Amidst the facts, jokes and more facts. He's the Lone Wolf that joined that pack.
  5. Li- I wish they kept him longer in the film. Of course he never failed to amaze me with his martial arts.
  6. Lundgren- His vulnerability showed when his love interest is not interested with him at all. He looks serious but some of the comedic antics came from him. Unexpected really.
  7. Van Damme- This is the first time I saw him as antagonist. It suits him. The dead pan/heartless facial expression and monotone Russian-like accent. The role is made for him. I've remembered because of his high kicks. He still has the kicking shizzles.
  8. Willis- Isa pang panggulo. Una galit kay Stallone, tapos sa huli makikijoin sa party. Ano beh! Gulo mo kuya.
  9. Couture- da who?
  10. Crews- When I see him all I could think of is White Chicks. I'm really impressed with his ripped body for his age. I thought his veins are going to explode when he was pulling apart the compartment door in the airplane scene. His softie-ness was shown while cooking his food and asked the question "What would you like to eat before you die?" I swear I thought "Thousand Miles" will be played in the background.
  11. Liam Hemsworth- The younger brother of Thor (Chris Hemsworth). The pretty boy, sniper and heart-breaker. He broke my heart when his character died early-on and left behind a French girlfriend who works as nurse. I thought the movie has finished when he died. Calling Miley Cyrus! Please don't break his heart.
  12. Nan Yu- I wish they gave her more kick-ass fight scenes that could justify her claim that she doesn't need to be looked after.

Rating: 3/5

Photo Source: thatfilmguy.net

Music Monday: Da Best Ang Feeling

They make best station ID really! I just hope they use the correct spelling of words next time. I'm glad that feeling was not spelled PEELING.

It really is the best feeling to have someone ( a friend or a loved one) spend quality time with you, rain or shine.

Music Monday: Say Hey

One of tracks from my Zumba. It's a catchy, dance-able and  feel free song. Can't get it out of my head.

Stay fit and strong beautiful people :).

London Olympics 2012

In my 2 years here in SG, I witnessed 2 major sporting events that has a special impact in this country. The World Cup and London Olympics. I love the sense of importance, support and excitement that emanates in this place. It's hyped up to promote the country's genuine interest on reaching for the GOLD.

My fond memory on watching this was the 1992 Barcelona, Spain Summer Olympics. The time that Bea Lucero will be representing the country for Taekwondo at siya ang pinakasikat sa batch na yun. There was about more than 50 delegates to that said batch. After them, next few Olympics was a blur. It only touched my senses again during Michael Phelps historic Beijing medal sweep.

Now that, I'm here in another country, I still can't believe am providing time in watching ANY game that I could come across. Too bad I missed the opening ceremony but, my friend Badzy who's based in London together with her colleagues experienced it first hand. That is so cool! They were even featured in TV Patrol.

There are a lot to see in the Olympics aside from the sports.

1. Awesome and larger that life cameras and telelens.  Here's a peek from the Canon Gear room.

3. Iphoneography at its best. Olympic Smartphone photoblog by Dan Chung.

4. The bodies to die for...The Olympic winning body for myself and the ripped bodies of these swimmers. I just love looking at their Latissimus Dorsi.

Ryan Lochte he may be M.P.'s shadow but no shadow can hide his yummy-ness tee-hee ;)\

5. Many hotel have lowered their rates for the  Olympic season. But its supposed to increase especially with this kind of events. Right?!

For the next few days we'll just have to wait and see who will be the Olympic champion. Lets keep watching and good luck to everyone.

Never say die, Team Philippines.