Linklovin 1 - How to take better camera pictures et.al.

1. How to take better pictures with a camera phone
Photo credit: lonely planet blog

2. My family are proud to be owners of wonderful pets.
3. Long live the Comedy King. Mr. Dolphy you'll surely be missed. I appreciated you more when you are doing drama. It brings out the best in you as an actor.

Photo: Video48.blogspot.com via Chuvaness.com
Yes, I was able to watch this movie in RPN 9 on late afternoon TV. but I can remember this was shown with color. 

4. How to convince you professor that you deserve a grade of 92. As told by sissy Cha-mu.

5. I just love how Laureen Uy mix and matches eclectic prints. And I also love it that she mixes low and high priced clothing and accessories. She looks darling and grand. I thought I'm too old to look at fashion blogs of  young fashionistas. But appreciation of fashion has no age limits. I've realized that after I stopped following her blog for sometime.


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