Online shopping: G-market

I've been hearing about G-market from colleague Julie. She raves it alot, I think a convulsion will do justice for her unwavering happiness and excitement every time she gets her purchase. It wasn't until my housemate Ate Odette receives her shopping bundle. I was intrigued, even my blog ads were Qoo10 promos. I decided to try it myself...

After some purchases and the exhilarating moment of waiting and receiving the goodies at your mailbox. Qoo10 (changed its name last May 2012) has stolen my heart...I never looked back.

Here are some of my purchases:
Name labels

Travel pillow and multipurpose shawl.
EOS non-petrolatum lip balm. Ed Westwick uses this ;)

Online shopping may be exciting but you have to consider some factors in buying online items.
  1. Read recommendations from fellow buyers. Remember the consumers are the best critiques. If they're not happy with you product/service they'll be telling it to other friends for sure. The power of word-of-mouth.
  2. Once you've bought the product you have to wait. I find it painstaking. Unlike in a regular store,   you have to wait.
  3. It's quite difficult buying clothes and shoes. Sizes are not really as 'exact' when you receive the item. This depends on the items 
  4. Qoo10 provides some cheaper alternatives to other products that we see in malls.
  5. Your payment is safe because the seller will only receive their payment if you have received the item.
  6. Qoo10 has secured payment policy.

Happy Shopping!!!


Music Monday: High

This song was overplayed and over-hyped at school. It's really a beautiful song. Add to it, the unique voice of the Lighthouse vocalist (uhh sorry I don't know his name). The question is, whatever happened to them? They look promising in 1997. We'll see the answers from here.

Linklovin 1 - How to take better camera pictures et.al.

1. How to take better pictures with a camera phone
Photo credit: lonely planet blog

2. My family are proud to be owners of wonderful pets.
3. Long live the Comedy King. Mr. Dolphy you'll surely be missed. I appreciated you more when you are doing drama. It brings out the best in you as an actor.

Photo: Video48.blogspot.com via Chuvaness.com
Yes, I was able to watch this movie in RPN 9 on late afternoon TV. but I can remember this was shown with color. 

4. How to convince you professor that you deserve a grade of 92. As told by sissy Cha-mu.

5. I just love how Laureen Uy mix and matches eclectic prints. And I also love it that she mixes low and high priced clothing and accessories. She looks darling and grand. I thought I'm too old to look at fashion blogs of  young fashionistas. But appreciation of fashion has no age limits. I've realized that after I stopped following her blog for sometime.


Nostalgic Tuesday: Childhood Reminders Courtesy of Facebook and 9gag

Nowadays, my FB wall is flooded with re-shared photos from all over. Some of it are nice,not so nice, nasty, hilarious, serious and a whole lot more. But what makes me laugh and smile are the do-you-still-remember-this-shizzles that reminds of the 90's and my childhood. 

I thought my childhood days are just OK. Looking back, I think it was AWESOME!!! No wonder when I was a teenager I keep on telling my sub-conconscious how I wish I would be a little girl forever. It was a happy childhood, it's not perfect though but I lived through it. I guess, I was in a hurry to grow up back then. I don't know why I was in a hurry. The childishness has been with me even when I was in my early 20's. I remember my ninang telling my mom, "Bakit si Richelle professional na kung kumilos at umayos isip-bata pa rin" I never took it seriously because I don't care at that time. As I go through my professional path, I realized that I have to be at par with what my profession entails that involves a certain level of maturity. So eventually maturity grows with you, it may be early or later in life. I always thought I was late bloomer, pero tamang-tama lang pala ang experiences ko for my age. But this doesn't mean that we have to be serious for life! KALOKA! There would always be a room for the child inside us.

Ok back to business...I have given a like for these pics in FB because they made my childhood memorable and awesome. 

Plastic Balloon. Amoy laway. I think it was less that one pesos per piece back then. Then our nasty maid will buy 1 whole board or half of it. 
We never had Family Computer before it was costly at pampasira ng buhay. It was one of the most famous gaming consoles. I dreamt of having it but it was a no-no from mom and dad.

The wonderful world of lego!

*All the pics are not mine and sorry I wasn't able to get the owner's name. Just identify yourself so I could credit to you. thanks

Music Monday: Heaven is a Place on Earth

I just got my 'supply' of new mp3 tracks from sissy Cha via dropbox. It's a mix of 90's, new millennium hits and indie music. Being the 90's kid that I am, Belinda Carlisle was overplayed back then. Her song has graced  the OST of some memorable teenage movies of the early and late 90's. 

OAWSP: Blurred

The photo depicts my brain activity the past few days...BLUR! The reason I posted a Wordless Wednesday entry on a Tuesday. I need a getaway...badly.