Chef Icon: Au Naturel

Ate Cynthia and her Chocolate Trovana Cake
I've tasted this scrumptious cake during our meeting in the workplace. I can't get over it. Really!  I found out from my housemate Ate Cynth about this bakeshop in Kampung Bahru Road. I was like "Hey! I see that shop everyday from work!" Good thing, Renze gave Ate this luscious Chocolate Trovana cake that stirred my curiosity. Good thing,  I ate this cake for free, twice.

It's just across the street

After one busy work day, I dropped by at Chef Icon to see the goodies. The place is a cozy bakery and coffee shop where the smell of bread is a delight for my olfactory nerves. Artisanal breads and pastries are all over but what attracted me are the cakes. The counter is manned by the uber-friendly Chef Francis. He helped me with that to get. We also got to chit-chat a little about cakes, Philippines and work.

They adopt the Avina.Neutro Baking style, which makes their products healthier. Their products contain:

  • No Animal Rennet
  • No Animal Gelatin
  • No Animal Meat
  • No Liquor
  • No Margarine
  • No MSG
  • No Onions & Garlic
  • No Preservatives
  • No Chemical Bread Improvers

 Since then, every payday I indulge myself to some au naturel sweetness.
Clockwise from left Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Tiramisu, Chef Icon box packaging and Chocolate Marble Cheesecake 

I tried the American Carrot Cake first. I'm not a fan of fruit cakes primarily but it's not that bad. Just OK. As for the cheesecakes...HEAVENLY! Creamy, not too sweet, tasty and light on the stomach. It was a "Ratatouille"  moment...there's fireworks :)  

Get to know about their vision from their website: www.cheficon.com

Visit them at:
5 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169341
Phone: 9337 3900

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