Another Grin Affair

I was only able to come around again after quite sometime. But like what Jody said the important thing is I came back. The next time I'm there, I'll show Jody my wedding pics. I have 3 jars in my loot, I'll be returning it back soon. And its nice to know they already have a website.

The place was packed when I came, so I have no other choice but to take out these lovelies. Looks like grin affair has already gained some loyal customers. Well, who won't notice a different kind of dessert coming from a jar.

Mango Mousse (If I'm not mistaken)
Every ingredients compliments the recipe to make it stand-out. Its not too sweet, not too creamy. Perfect for those who are diet-conscious.

Kiwi Cheesecake
The chocolate crispies on top is a surprise for me. The vanilla cake is soft and chewy. And again, not too sweet. The kiwi is fresh as if it was just cut after I ordered it.

Will be back soon.

Visit their website: grinaffair.com

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