OAWSP: Smile with no teeth

Apparently, my husband thinks I'm more beautiful when I smile without showing my teeth.  I don't know why he said it but I find it sweet in a way. He can see the beautiful in what I think is not. One of the many  reasons that I love him. 

What's Cooking?

I always say food brings people together, no matter where it takes place and what kind of food is being served. It is something universal that everyone enjoys and it can be a bonding experience for all. - Moonberry blog
I have to agree with Ms. Moonberry, FOOD = togetherness. I enjoy reading blogs, looking at photos, spending time with family and friends that involves eating and bonding.

Its just that, the past few days that I've been working and cooking for my baon. Most of the time, I'm alone. I don't mind eating alone it's just that, eating could be more fun if I eat together with my husband, my sibs, mom and dad. I miss them really. Especially now that I'm experimenting on cooking and trying out healthier options with it. 

That is in preparation of being a hostess for our visitors, friends on my future address. As my husband told me that I should know more a lot about recipes which beforehand I'm already trying to. Food mags, TLC southeast asia, pinterest, food blogs, get-togethers, old recipes and travels has been my source of inspiration for cooking

Clockwise from top left: Stir-fried lean pork, Lean pork with corn, Lean pork with broccoli, Adobong, manok (My fave!)

Pasta with tomatoes and oiled sardines, menudo with roasted peanuts, Menudo with roasted peanuts, and the Lean pork with broccoli again.

It's fun to experiment and its cheaper with home cooked meals mind you especially if you're with a good crowd. Priceless...

A Happy Sunday to Everyone


We Are The LEGO Kids

One of our toys when we were young is the Lego Fabuland, the theme park set. I remember dad bought it somewhere from one of his trips abroad. Its one of our most memorable pasalubong because we're allowed to play with it at hindi pang display lang

Cast of Characters from Fabuland

I remember we are making up stories from the characters, doing other kind of lego structures and basically play with it. As time passed, since some of the pieces are small we lost them one by one. Though our younger brother was still able to use some of it its already incomplete. Those were the times when there's no internet, PC, iPod, Facebook or instagram. We have to rely on our imagination. We had fun, seriously. I just wish we had another set of Lego during that time. 

A few days ago, as I was browsing deals, one of the deals was a coach and entrance tickets to Legoland in Malaysia. I was like, I know I've heard there are plans but I didn't know that the place is finishing and will be opening up on 15th September 2012. I wouldn't want to miss this. This time it's a larger than life reliving of memories because I'll be exploring the whole of Legoland soon. YEHEY!!!

Map of  Legoland
According to my husband, Legoland caters mostly for kids though there are rides for adults to enjoy. But mostly it's a kiddy theme park. No problem with me though. I'm excited... :)


Music Monday: Call Me Maybe

I knew about this song when the Philippines' It Girls made their own lip-synced, free-style dance music video  of the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae. And it has spawned a lot video parody and whatever.From then on, I've been hearing it everywhere!!!

But, I stumbled upon this...

It was as if only yesterday, that I had my pic taken with this A&F guy.


Snow White & The Huntsman

One of our post-gym activity is to go to the cinema and watch a movie (for reasons that the gym is steps away from the movie house, I'm a member of this said movie house and price of tickets are cheaper before 4PM).

Looks like the Hollywood trend nowadays are retelling our good old fairy tales. May it be on TV (Once Upon A Time, Grimm) and previous movies (Alice in Wonderland, Mirror, Mirror, Beastly). For me, its a good thing because,it  veer us away from the usual. In a way, it still tickles our imagination. Though this fairy tale rehash is nothing new, as far as I can remember I had watched this kind of movies when I was kid. Well, who knows it may be longer than that.

Back to the movie...

  • The special effects, costumes and colors used to depict all the different scenarios in the movie are excellent. As expected.
  • Charlize Theron is ravishing as the Evil Queen. It seems like the story revolved around her. From how she was 'rescued' till death, everything is queen centered. The movie poster teaser speaks a lot about her role.
  • Kristen Stewart's acting is very much like when she's in Twilight. Except there's no exaggerated blinking of eyes and annoying stutters. I still can't tell whether she's scared, happy, angry, constipated or what.The only moment that she had was when she woke up after the KISS and declared was to reclaim the throne that is rightfully hers. I should say GIRL POWER!!! As for the rest of her acting assignment for this movie, FAIL.
  • Chris Hemsworth's manliness made him perfect for his role as Huntsman. Nah! I have a crush on him (BIASED!) Hihihi...He reminds me of my husband.
  • I just wish they showed some flashbacks of Huntsman's wife when he's looking at Snow. So as to indicate how he was attracted or how he fell in love. Good thing they showed flashbacks of Ravenna's past life, I understood all the anger, hatred and how she got her powers. But how come her powers didn't save their family from poverty even before their mom was taken away? 
  • William is the perfect distraction and middle man of the Huntsman and Snow's love story
  • The eight dwarfs delivered a light humor to the movie. My heart broke when this dwarf who likes Snow very much died for her. That left seven of them
  • Ravenna's brother Finn has a very distracting apple cut hair.
  • The mirror on the wall has evolved. From the usual glass mirror, it's made of gold and when summoned forms into a creepy-hooded-person-even-if-face-was-not-shown.
  • The TWIST or the unexpected moment was when William and Snow White are flirting on the snow when it turns out it was Ravenna. And then this thought came to my mind "Kaya mo naman palang hanapin sa sarili mo ang dami mo pang inutusan, GAGA!"
  • Good thing the love story stopped from the Snow and Huntsman kiss. If not it will be another typical fairytale ending.
  • Since this movie is from the producers of Alice in Wonderland, Snow White is another fairytale Messiah. She died and came back to life. Awakened to save her people from evil. To bring back prosperity from the fallen kingdom. Especially when the huge deer appeared from this huge tree, I felt it was quite biblical in a way that I can't explain. 
All in all the movie is not super awesome but not really lame. If the loopholes was not there, it would be a perfect adaptation.


Photo from here.

Voyage de La Vie

I'm excited!!! Can't wait for payday.

The perks for being a member of NTUC.

In search of his destiny, a Young Man follows a wondrous red orb into a strange new world where several extraordinary characters will guide him on his Journey of Life.

Voyage de la Vie™ is a multi-million dollar theatrical spectacular featuring death defying and breathtaking acts. With an international cast from 19 countries and other guest artists, this is Singapore’s longest running show with over 400 performances to date.

P.S. I saw the fairy lady once at Coffee Bean at Resorts World (of course sans the costume). She's so tall (as in taller than me), slender and a red-head. So pretty.

Photos and quoted text from HERE.


Nostalgic Tuesday: L.M. Guerrero Street


My most memorable place that I've stayed while working in Manila. The place is like a symbol of our somewhat 'liberation' from our quasi-independent life. This room has been a witness of our ups and downs/highlights and lowlights. 

The trusty ol' industrial fan. It's now being used at our new nook
These are some photos that I found from my portable hard drive...I'll try to collate more, but you have to forgive me because most of them are cam-whoring face shots. LOL :p

Some of my pa-artsy shot. Especially if I'm not doing anything.

If I can turn back time. I could have been more vigilant in cleaning the room, arranging our stuff, have taken easy on hoarding and should have bought the necessary and important piece of furniture that could have saved us space. Somethings that we could see at ikea hacks and apartment therapy ;).

So today its not a surprise that I have few loots here in SG because I've appreciated the essence of space-saving, element of mix and match, importance of necessary furniture so on and so forth. Well I have to because moving in and out from one house to another is a common occurrence for expats(Because most of the time HDB flats here are only on 1 year contract at the most. We're lucky because our landlord is very considerate and understanding). Even my mom and sis KC was surprised that I have few things and I even asked them to take home a few.


Chef Icon: Au Naturel

Ate Cynthia and her Chocolate Trovana Cake
I've tasted this scrumptious cake during our meeting in the workplace. I can't get over it. Really!  I found out from my housemate Ate Cynth about this bakeshop in Kampung Bahru Road. I was like "Hey! I see that shop everyday from work!" Good thing, Renze gave Ate this luscious Chocolate Trovana cake that stirred my curiosity. Good thing,  I ate this cake for free, twice.

It's just across the street

After one busy work day, I dropped by at Chef Icon to see the goodies. The place is a cozy bakery and coffee shop where the smell of bread is a delight for my olfactory nerves. Artisanal breads and pastries are all over but what attracted me are the cakes. The counter is manned by the uber-friendly Chef Francis. He helped me with that to get. We also got to chit-chat a little about cakes, Philippines and work.

They adopt the Avina.Neutro Baking style, which makes their products healthier. Their products contain:

  • No Animal Rennet
  • No Animal Gelatin
  • No Animal Meat
  • No Liquor
  • No Margarine
  • No MSG
  • No Onions & Garlic
  • No Preservatives
  • No Chemical Bread Improvers

 Since then, every payday I indulge myself to some au naturel sweetness.
Clockwise from left Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, Dark Chocolate Tiramisu, Chef Icon box packaging and Chocolate Marble Cheesecake 

I tried the American Carrot Cake first. I'm not a fan of fruit cakes primarily but it's not that bad. Just OK. As for the cheesecakes...HEAVENLY! Creamy, not too sweet, tasty and light on the stomach. It was a "Ratatouille"  moment...there's fireworks :)  

Get to know about their vision from their website: www.cheficon.com

Visit them at:
5 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169341
Phone: 9337 3900

Another Grin Affair

I was only able to come around again after quite sometime. But like what Jody said the important thing is I came back. The next time I'm there, I'll show Jody my wedding pics. I have 3 jars in my loot, I'll be returning it back soon. And its nice to know they already have a website.

The place was packed when I came, so I have no other choice but to take out these lovelies. Looks like grin affair has already gained some loyal customers. Well, who won't notice a different kind of dessert coming from a jar.

Mango Mousse (If I'm not mistaken)
Every ingredients compliments the recipe to make it stand-out. Its not too sweet, not too creamy. Perfect for those who are diet-conscious.

Kiwi Cheesecake
The chocolate crispies on top is a surprise for me. The vanilla cake is soft and chewy. And again, not too sweet. The kiwi is fresh as if it was just cut after I ordered it.

Will be back soon.

Visit their website: grinaffair.com

OAWSP in Illustration

Given the chance that someone would draw an illustration of me. I want this kind of look. I don't know why, really?! This girl looks so alluring or maybe its because of the legs that I can relate to. LOL

The illustration was created by the young and talented Soleil Ignacio for Anthology shoes.