Music Monday: Robyn

As per usual lurking on my FB wall, I chanced upon a friend's post a bout some music that she heard. The I got more curious to see as to who sang the song, Robyn. Robyn?! Like , Robyn-Robyn from the 90's ?

So I watched the video. Confirmed!

She had reinvented her style. From the teeny-bopper-pop-ish sound to electro-dance-pop-robotic-disco type. Her dancing evolved from pa-cute na pa-sway-sway lang to freestyle-taebo-interpretative dance. I think the only thing that haven't changed is her voice and her hair (it's always short and blonde). Though I think she had discovered how to utilize more a hair gel and asked more tips from her hairstylist.

But as a 90's kid, in my head she'll always be Ms. Show Me Love.

Do You Really Want Me...Check out the baggy pants and the hair braid!!! Watching the clip feels like I'm watching this on Video Hit Parade.

I think this was included in the Fantastic Females or MTV Most Wanted. If my memory serves me right.

Keep up Robyn. Reinvention is a bitch and I hope to hear more from you.

Picture via A.V.O

I Want To Age Gracefully

When I grow old I want to be as chic, cool and stylish like these women. I also like their independence, stamina and confidence on handling themselves. I think most of the time they are happy because they are always smiling. Beautiful!


Read about the rest of them from Ari Seth Cohen's blog Advanced Style. He's "The Sartorialist" of the fashionable seniors.

Photo and video from Advanced Style blog.

Wordless Wednesday - 7

Nostalgic Tuesday: Sony Ericsson K750i existed

Once a upon a time, from the not so distant past. There's a hand phone called Sony Ericsson K750i. Amid all the fuss with Nokia hand-phones me and my sister preferred this little baby here. It's different from everybody else. To make it more special, it's a gift from Dad. :)


SEK750i pic from here.

Music Monday: International Love

Zumba is the hottest fitness craze today. I've just started a few weeks ago and now I'm hooked.

There's this warm-up track na super deadma ko lang dati but now I was charmed with the dance step that was incorporated with the song. I can't stop visualizing myself dancing it over and over again. I just hope I'll wake up early tomorrow to attend the Tuesday class.



Make-up Artistry by Cehcile

All the while, I thought I can do my own make-up ala Princess Katherine. I find it so cool that she was able to manage it by herself. Unfortunately, the wedding jitters made me doubt my not-even-an-amateur-make-up-skills. Good thing, Cathy (my former housemate) recommended me to her churchmate Ate Cehcile. And should I say the rest is history.

Anyone who's seen my wedding pic they would always say that my make-up is nothing but gorgeous. It really is! I remember when I met her for our trial make-up she asked me what do I want but she's also assertive on suggestions but mainly the client will always have the last say. She's meticulous and pays attention to small details. Thus, the result of a radiant and gorgeous me on our special day. I love it and I'm happy that I made this decision.

Ate I know you will come a long way from here, I can see a bright future ahead for your art and chosen medium. More power to you.

Wedding Make-up Tip:

  1. If you are confident enough to do your own make-up, go ahead. It'll surely save you money. If you know how to do make-up but you feel you want to know more about how to do wedding make-up, do some research and study. Browse youtube for tutorials on wedding make-up and hairstyling. Enroll in make-up classes. Do this months before so you could master it before your big day.
  2. Ask for recommendations. Especially if you have friends who got married or if you've seen their make-up look.
  3. Know what you want.  I want simple, yet elegant look on my wedding. That will able to withstand flash photography.
  4. Have a trial make-up session. Its not enough that you've seen a make-up artist's (MUA) work. You have to see whether the make-up suits and complement you.
  5. Get the approval of you husband-to-be. I can't imagine my husband not looking at me or cringing because he doesn't like my look. My husband is quite 'allergic' to makapal na make-up. He's a firm believer that natural beauty is the most beautiful of all. Good thing he liked it.

Make-up Artistry by Cehcile Facebook page and pictures are from here.

Lazy Day with The Lazy Song

If I'm going to give yesterday ( Twas rainy and cold Sunday, and it's my day-off) a theme song, its going to be this...

Thank you Bruno Mars for composing this song, now I got something to sing-along on my coming lazy days...


Music Monday: Eenie Meenie

I don't understand...

How come I keep on playing this song on youtube, on my phone, singing it in karaoke and in my head?! Am I charmed?

Ah basta, I like listening to the song! No explanation needed.