Music Monday: Ito ang Pasko ng Pilipino

ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID has always been straight to the point. Pinoy Christmas is the BEST!!! Even if I'm far away from home, we Filipinos here in SG are very creative in celebrating it.

Right now, Christmas shows and songs are all over TFC... I miss home...


Nostalgic Tuesday: An Ode to the Typewriter?


(...maybe I should make one)

During my elementary years, we have this good old typewriter. Mom bought when, she was working and studying her way through college. Back then, buying a desktop PC or laptop is too expensive. So it's either we really have to write legibly, accurately do lettering/calligraphy and push keys of the typewriter.

Those were the days when, we type and print our reports at the same time. The endless use of Touch and Go and this paper correction strip (that I forgot the brand name) are one of the must have paraphernalia when typing. The way the ribbon makes my hand all messy when you have to rewind it for re-use. These are the days before the flash disk, recycle bin, my documents, Microsoft office. 

Last time I checked, our good old TW is somewhere in our bodega. I feel sad, I think it deserves a shrine. LOL.

Remembering the tic-tac-tacky-ty sounds are like a melodious music in nostalgia...I maybe using my very first laptop now but, I can still remember the moments with the TW. Mind you, it is still useful in completing a death certificate in some third world tertiary hospital.

OAWSP: Up In The Air

The continuous shooting mode is the perfect jumpshot setting. It doesn't look too staged. 

And this is my first ever OAWSP jumpshot...