Music Monday: Adele

Feel like I was born yesterday. Why only now??! I've been doing dedmatology to this good singer. A really good one...


Music Monday: Valerie

Valerie is still in my #1 among the Top 25 Most Played Songs in my iPod. The song has a lot to tell. The Glee version was hyped-up for a dance-able version. 

Music Monday: Dougie

This song and video made Elmo Magalona trending worldwide in Twitter (according to my buddy Kimmy).

Apparently, I've heard the song and seen the dance but, I was totally deadma. Now, it's stuck in my head. For a while, I thought Dougie is "green." The dance is mandatory. You have to do it!

The original video has shown a lot of dougie style.

Harry Shum Jr., Heather Morris, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown has their own versions. 

To get a step-by-step info on the Dougie, check out Howcast.