Panulce Delicacies

While watching Trip na Trip, I saw Kian and Kat2 carrying the Panulce box. I just want to correct my previous post for this. Panulce is owned by my dad's cousin. We are not directly related. Though it won't stop me with shameless plugging. 

It has been a staple pasalubong from lola and relatives if they come to visit. And I have yet to try the Biscottini.

Kasambuhay Habang Buhay Short Films

I saw this incredible short films posted by various friends in facebook. It's hard to pick a favorite because, all of them are beautifully presented. I'll choose by category instead:

1. Funny and ka-kilig: Sign Seeker.
2. It tickled my funny bones and remembered my mom and sisters: The Howl and the Fussyket.
3. I spend much of my time online. I also got to disconnect at times: Unplugged.

A lot of people can relate to the films for it is presented on how we lived with nestle for the past hundred years. There's always a moment in our life that Nestle is a part of.

Read more about it here and here.

photo credit: Starmometer

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

Last night, I witnessed the EPIC ending for this EPIC story. The atmosphere in the cinema was very uptight. Maybe, due to the audiences' desire to grasp every last detail of the movie. Heart-wrenching as it may seem, many deaths were witnessed. Peace is restored and Voldemort was destroyed.  

I want to celebrate the unsung heroes of the story: 

Severus Snape - Been saving Harry's ass for most of his lifetime (and to think that he's the mukhang kontra-bulate). 

Neville Longbottom- Once again standing up for his friends. In the end, he's that other person who deserves Gryffindor sword. I'm a bit disappointed,  he wasn't shown in the epilogue of them as grown-ups (though he was mentioned by Hermione).

I swear I heard someone from the audience sobbing.


Varsity Blues

I've been a bench-warmer in one of our 2 games during the elimination round of the inter school volleyball games. It was a horrible feeling! Since then, I knew I'm a delusional wannabe volleyball player. I tried to convince myself again during the summer before college. It wasn't really for me. I'm totally useless even if I just fill-up the team line-up. SERIOUSLY!


I laud JVdB's character. He has the football talent but, doesn't seem to care if he's drilling a hole in the bench.  Townspeople are like, "What's wrong with him?!" In the end, he's the unlikely hero.

Moral Lesson: 
  1. Never trust a girl donning a whipped cream bikini.
  2. Jocks can excel in academics.
  3. Jocks are emotional too.
  4. Comparing is lethal, it could break your nose.
  5. Bacon is so cute!
  6. The coach is a bad example. I think he should get some advice from Coach Carter.
  7. Never let steroids ruin your athletic life. NOT worth it.

Black Swan

It's a psychiatric/thriller movie. Doppelganger and Schiz?...

I didn't expect a good combination of both to create an award winning performance. It takes a few times of watching to understand the movie. Still, it's made to perfection.


A modern take on Beauty and the Beast. Typical high-school cheese with some magical twist. The movie is OK. The modern take on the witch is very refreshing (or should I say stylish).

Love, Actually

All kinds of love mashed into one movie.

The movie is just fine. Its just refreshing to see 'Severus Snape' as an ordinary guy character. And the guy in the picture reminds me of some guy in our dormitory.

127 hours

Like a version of Castaway...only better.Franco did a very good job on this assignment. It's no easy task of talking to yourself and a camera most of the time.

Moral of the story: Tell your family or close friends as to where you are going. So it you won't cost you an arm.

Transformers 3

I like this better than the 2nd installment movie.
  1. It's a Battle of the Hotties:  Josh Duhamel and Patrick Dempsey.
  2. The special effects are crazy! 
  3. There's more humour to it. 
  4. T3 shows Sam Witwicky's growing up pains. From an awkward high school student, a new kid in college and an unemployed college graduate.
  5. Fight scenes are a drag. It shows too much of everything. 
  6. Sam's girlfriend is very simple yet elegantly sexy. 
  7. The Autobots are cool dudes!
  8. The scene where Bumble Bee was about to get killed was heart wrenching. Imagine a friend or a love one is being killed and you can't do anything about it.
  9. Ang kulit nung dalawang maliit na robot tska yung robots na gumawa ng spaceship.
  10. Simmons and his assistant are hilarious. 
  11. If I'm a car lover, I would ogle at the pre-transformation vehicle of these robots. Not to mention the collection of cars that's owned by Dylan Gould.