Music Monday: Ito ang Pasko ng Pilipino

ABS-CBN's Christmas Station ID has always been straight to the point. Pinoy Christmas is the BEST!!! Even if I'm far away from home, we Filipinos here in SG are very creative in celebrating it.

Right now, Christmas shows and songs are all over TFC... I miss home...


Nostalgic Tuesday: An Ode to the Typewriter?


(...maybe I should make one)

During my elementary years, we have this good old typewriter. Mom bought when, she was working and studying her way through college. Back then, buying a desktop PC or laptop is too expensive. So it's either we really have to write legibly, accurately do lettering/calligraphy and push keys of the typewriter.

Those were the days when, we type and print our reports at the same time. The endless use of Touch and Go and this paper correction strip (that I forgot the brand name) are one of the must have paraphernalia when typing. The way the ribbon makes my hand all messy when you have to rewind it for re-use. These are the days before the flash disk, recycle bin, my documents, Microsoft office. 

Last time I checked, our good old TW is somewhere in our bodega. I feel sad, I think it deserves a shrine. LOL.

Remembering the tic-tac-tacky-ty sounds are like a melodious music in nostalgia...I maybe using my very first laptop now but, I can still remember the moments with the TW. Mind you, it is still useful in completing a death certificate in some third world tertiary hospital.

OAWSP: Up In The Air

The continuous shooting mode is the perfect jumpshot setting. It doesn't look too staged. 

And this is my first ever OAWSP jumpshot...

Music Monday: Club Can't Even Handle Me Right Now

I don't want to match my dazed emotion, with another equally dazed song.

From the OST of Step Up 3D, just to pump up myself and to blog again...


Nostalgic Tuesday: BSB forever!

Can't get over my Music Monday post...

I'll make a full post after my night duty hahaha...

I was in Grade 6,  I made a compilation book of  them. I've written a redundant statement that made me a laughing stock among my younger siblings. It may be an EPIC fail but, I do this for the BSB love. 

Music Monday: As Long As You Love Me


Everytime I put the Backtreet's Back album (cassette tape yeah!) on our Sony Karaoke system (na ngayon ay nakatambak na lang sa bodega namin). I put the volume on maximum blast tapos emote to the max. Promise! 

I remember Brian Littrell telling the TMZ paparazzi (in a sarcastic way), after all these years they're going strong. They were pulled down many times but, they're still here, making music. 

Backstreet Boys forever!!!!


Music Monday: Adele

Feel like I was born yesterday. Why only now??! I've been doing dedmatology to this good singer. A really good one...


Music Monday: Valerie

Valerie is still in my #1 among the Top 25 Most Played Songs in my iPod. The song has a lot to tell. The Glee version was hyped-up for a dance-able version. 

Music Monday: Dougie

This song and video made Elmo Magalona trending worldwide in Twitter (according to my buddy Kimmy).

Apparently, I've heard the song and seen the dance but, I was totally deadma. Now, it's stuck in my head. For a while, I thought Dougie is "green." The dance is mandatory. You have to do it!

The original video has shown a lot of dougie style.

Harry Shum Jr., Heather Morris, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown has their own versions. 

To get a step-by-step info on the Dougie, check out Howcast.



It All Started in Puerto Galera

When I was in nursing school, I attended our org meetings. We get to introduce ourselves and share your dream vacation place. Ate Carla mentioned she wants to go to El Nido, Palawan. She knows that, once she's been there, she could go anywhere. 

For me, Puerto Galera was my baptism of fire, to every leisure travel that I went to. My first ever independent trip was in Pangasinan + Baguio with my sister (we broke the barriers of what-ifs and maybes). Puerto Galera was the flagship of independence. Wherein, I plan and just go!

This is my first ever trip to a beach where people my age "ay pinagsawaan na ang lugar." As they say, it's never too late to try.

I'm thankful for the advent of cheap airfares, travel bloggers, review sites and alternative transpos. I do most of my research from reviews and recommendations of friends.

BTW if you're going to Puerto Galera, White Beach, I recommend this place.

I met the manager at work. Her mom was being treated in the hospital that I worked for. She's nice enough to offer the place. I've never stayed there but, my sister recommended it to some of her friends and they liked it. You can check out tripadvisor for reviews.

I've been to a handful of  places now. I'm making my mark one footprint at a time. Maybe this is why the world is huge. It's meant to be explored. I maybe late but, it's better late than never...

Music Monday: Covers

First, there were revivals and tribute album and songs. Now, we have song covers. It became a new way to discover RAW talents. Youtube is the popular platform in showcasing one's talent.

I'm now listening to:

Chris Lawrence

     ----> The song is much better than the Bieb's original.

I was listening to them earlier:



 ----> Good thing, Amy doesn't suffer from shortness of breath.

Boyce Avenue

     ----> And the ultimate nakakainlove na boses...


Panulce Delicacies

While watching Trip na Trip, I saw Kian and Kat2 carrying the Panulce box. I just want to correct my previous post for this. Panulce is owned by my dad's cousin. We are not directly related. Though it won't stop me with shameless plugging. 

It has been a staple pasalubong from lola and relatives if they come to visit. And I have yet to try the Biscottini.

Kasambuhay Habang Buhay Short Films

I saw this incredible short films posted by various friends in facebook. It's hard to pick a favorite because, all of them are beautifully presented. I'll choose by category instead:

1. Funny and ka-kilig: Sign Seeker.
2. It tickled my funny bones and remembered my mom and sisters: The Howl and the Fussyket.
3. I spend much of my time online. I also got to disconnect at times: Unplugged.

A lot of people can relate to the films for it is presented on how we lived with nestle for the past hundred years. There's always a moment in our life that Nestle is a part of.

Read more about it here and here.

photo credit: Starmometer

Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows

Last night, I witnessed the EPIC ending for this EPIC story. The atmosphere in the cinema was very uptight. Maybe, due to the audiences' desire to grasp every last detail of the movie. Heart-wrenching as it may seem, many deaths were witnessed. Peace is restored and Voldemort was destroyed.  

I want to celebrate the unsung heroes of the story: 

Severus Snape - Been saving Harry's ass for most of his lifetime (and to think that he's the mukhang kontra-bulate). 

Neville Longbottom- Once again standing up for his friends. In the end, he's that other person who deserves Gryffindor sword. I'm a bit disappointed,  he wasn't shown in the epilogue of them as grown-ups (though he was mentioned by Hermione).

I swear I heard someone from the audience sobbing.


Varsity Blues

I've been a bench-warmer in one of our 2 games during the elimination round of the inter school volleyball games. It was a horrible feeling! Since then, I knew I'm a delusional wannabe volleyball player. I tried to convince myself again during the summer before college. It wasn't really for me. I'm totally useless even if I just fill-up the team line-up. SERIOUSLY!


I laud JVdB's character. He has the football talent but, doesn't seem to care if he's drilling a hole in the bench.  Townspeople are like, "What's wrong with him?!" In the end, he's the unlikely hero.

Moral Lesson: 
  1. Never trust a girl donning a whipped cream bikini.
  2. Jocks can excel in academics.
  3. Jocks are emotional too.
  4. Comparing is lethal, it could break your nose.
  5. Bacon is so cute!
  6. The coach is a bad example. I think he should get some advice from Coach Carter.
  7. Never let steroids ruin your athletic life. NOT worth it.

Black Swan

It's a psychiatric/thriller movie. Doppelganger and Schiz?...

I didn't expect a good combination of both to create an award winning performance. It takes a few times of watching to understand the movie. Still, it's made to perfection.


A modern take on Beauty and the Beast. Typical high-school cheese with some magical twist. The movie is OK. The modern take on the witch is very refreshing (or should I say stylish).

Love, Actually

All kinds of love mashed into one movie.

The movie is just fine. Its just refreshing to see 'Severus Snape' as an ordinary guy character. And the guy in the picture reminds me of some guy in our dormitory.

127 hours

Like a version of Castaway...only better.Franco did a very good job on this assignment. It's no easy task of talking to yourself and a camera most of the time.

Moral of the story: Tell your family or close friends as to where you are going. So it you won't cost you an arm.

Transformers 3

I like this better than the 2nd installment movie.
  1. It's a Battle of the Hotties:  Josh Duhamel and Patrick Dempsey.
  2. The special effects are crazy! 
  3. There's more humour to it. 
  4. T3 shows Sam Witwicky's growing up pains. From an awkward high school student, a new kid in college and an unemployed college graduate.
  5. Fight scenes are a drag. It shows too much of everything. 
  6. Sam's girlfriend is very simple yet elegantly sexy. 
  7. The Autobots are cool dudes!
  8. The scene where Bumble Bee was about to get killed was heart wrenching. Imagine a friend or a love one is being killed and you can't do anything about it.
  9. Ang kulit nung dalawang maliit na robot tska yung robots na gumawa ng spaceship.
  10. Simmons and his assistant are hilarious. 
  11. If I'm a car lover, I would ogle at the pre-transformation vehicle of these robots. Not to mention the collection of cars that's owned by Dylan Gould.

Shops and Restaurants that I want to see @ NAIA-1

Shops and restaurants in NAIA-1 (after renovation) should have a global and local appeal. So both tourists and pinoys could relate. Prices for the shops should be tax-free, to encourage people to buy. Most of the time goods in airport are overpriced. I sure hope someday its possible.


  1. McDonald's
  2. Burger King
  3. KFC
  4. Sakae Sushi
  5. Starbucks
  6. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  7. Pizza Hut
  8. Shakeys
  9. Goldilocks*
  10. Red Ribbon*
  11. Krispy Kreme*
  12. food court - something like what you see in SM food courts
  13. Big Chill
  14. Jolibee
  15. Fruitas
  16. Kenny Rogers' Roasters
  17. Secret Recipe

* The goods from these stores are the most requested wanted pabilins from fellow kababayans. It would be nice to just hand-carry it.

1. Team Manila Store - For that lovely 'souvenir' shirts.
2. Bench Pinoy Lab
3. Penshoppe - Since they have Ed Westwick as the endorser.
4. Handicrafts souvenir shops.
5. A mini supermarket where they could buy some things that travelers forgot to pack in the bag.
6. New and improved Duty Free store.
7. National Bookstore (they have one at NAIA-3)
8. Powerbooks

As for the others go figure.

NAIA-1: To see is to believe

 NAIA-1 to undergo renovation 
By Rudy Santos (The Philippine Star) Updated June 20, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (21) 
MANILA, Philippines - Airport authorities disclosed that the 28-year-old Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA-1) would be renovated in August after an architectural and engineering firm was picked to conduct an assessment of the project.
For the full article click here.

I've been coming back and forth to Philippines since I worked in SG. Been to several airports here in Southeast Asia.  I realized, we are totally behind our neighboring countries. Not a hint of  world-class standards and appeal, when Department of Tourism is promoting our country globally. Don't tell me not to compare blah-blah. I remit my hard-earned dollar and pay taxes. I have every right. 

Please take note that almost all of the major airlines are stationed in that terminal. Meaning every foreign  visitors passes through this rabbit hole. Ask anyone who've been in some country (that has nice airports) they would be in awe and  the comparisons would start. We should want that admiration as well. Something we could proclaim our own and stand unique among the rest. This is one way of boosting our tourism too. In one way or another it helps.

Here's a list of things to ponder for NAIA-1:

  • Is there anyway that the travel tax and terminal fee be eliminated? What is it for anyway? I know we OFWs are exempted from this but what about the others.
  • To build an actual space for the Duty-Free shop and to have more variety of duty free goods
  • Isn't it having shops inside also means income for the airport? 
  • Well sanitized toilets please.
  • Comfy lounge and waiting areas.
  • Some employees are downright unprofessional. I don't know if any customer-service seminar could do a remedy for this.

God Bless NAIA...

I Decided To Come Back

I love blogger. I think this is the best blogging platform ever. Really!!!

For my first post, my first ever interview from Jidhu's blog.

Click here.